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"Our Deans have grown through the ranks and taken time to cultivate their skills and knowledge. Like a Captain who always looks to the Sergeant, I always consult our Deans."

- Fr Dr Pothireddy Anthony SJ, Principal

Deans List

| The people behind our excellence
The Deans of Loyola have grown through the ranks and like anyone who has, they exhibit leadership, experience, and expertise in their work. The people who are given this position are extraordinary individuals who love what they do and drive quality and consistency in their respective departments. Here is a list of the stalwarts:
  • Mrs. K. Rama

    / Dean of Academics

  • Dr N. Maria Das

    / Dean of Administration

  • Dr. M. Jayaramudu

    / Dean of Science

  • Dr. Jacqueline Williams

    / Dean of Commerce

  • Mr. B. Bhaskara Rao

    / Dean of Arts

  • Mrs. Grace Sarojini Israel

    / Dean of Student affairs

  • Mr. P V R S Prasad

    / Dean of Developmental affairs

The single-most important thing that characterizes a Dean at Loyola is a crucial combination of competence, experience, and knowledge.

Dean of Academics

| Mrs. K. Rama
"Electronics is an ever changing field. But here at Loyola, we strive to be on par with the outside world. We strive for excellence."

Mrs. K. Rama, Dean of Academics B.Sc., M.Sc., M.Phil., (Ph.D)

Rama Kovur has completed B.Sc, M.Sc Applied Electronics and secured 2nd rank in Osmania University, 1995 and M.Phil Electronics from Srikrishnadeva Raya University, 2012. She held the position of Head of the Dept. of Electronics Technology at Loyola Academy Degree & PG College from 2004-2013.
With a wide teaching experience since 1995, she is a hardworking and sincere teacher, who perpetually proved her capabilities. She worked as Controller of Exams for the academic years 2010 to 2012.
She received the best department award from the management for six years in her term as HOD. She was the coordinator for certificate courses “repair and maintenance of electrical and electronic equipment” sponsored by UGC from 2002 through 2007.
As a chairperson of the Board of Studies, she played a key role in enhancing the syllabus in par with the industrial needs. She guided sixty minor and eighty major student projects.
Her 'LAB TO SCHOOL' program proved to be a sensational hit. The models, practicals of physics and chemistry of 9th and 10th classes, developed by degree students under her guidance, were displayed to students studying in government schools.
Though her research areas are primarily Microcontroller based systems and sensor system developments, her skill sets are vast.
Since 2013, she has been the coordinator for UGC sponsored certificate course, MECHATRONICS.
She attended many seminars and conferences and presented papers in various international conferences for which she received the best paper presentation, namely at Guru Nanak Engg College in 2013, Nizam college and Kakatiya University in 2014.
She published 5 papers in international journals and one among them is a UGC approved journal.
She is currently pursuing her PhD in Gitam University.

Dr N. Maria Das

| Dean of Administration
"Administration processes are in place that ensure Loyola functions smoothly like a well-oiled machine"

Dr N. Maria Das, Dean of Administration M.A., Ph.D., S.L.E.T.

Dr Maria Das has been with Loyola since 1997 and has served in various positions. His contributions were rewarded and he was given the responsibilities of the Dean of Administration. Maria Das is a skilled administrator, empathetic teacher, and has an unwavering reputation as an academician.

His responsibilities include ensuring smooth administration of the entire campus, assigning roles and responsibilities to faculty, and managing the back office. He sets and tweaks processes to ensure that day to day activities go on unhindered. As an academician he has authored many papers and taken up additional responsibilities towards student development.

Dr. M. Jayaramudu

| Dean of Science
"Science is an ever-changing field of study. What was once a breakthrough is now history. We keep tabs on the latest developments."

Dr. M. Jayaramudu, Dean of Science M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D.

Dr. M. Jayaramudu has completed his M.Sc. in Chemistry and Ph.D. in Chemistry. As the Dean of Science he is responsible for academic excellence in the science department.

Jayaramudu always keeps abreast with developments in the field of science and updates the curriculum accordingly. He takes keen interest in development of rural areas. He was a part of Discipline and Attendance committee in Loyola and also used to ensure that the students behaved in a dignified manner. His hobbies include reading and listening to music.

Dr. Jacqueline Williams

| Dean of Commerce
"Don't wait for anybody to give you responsibility. One should take personal responsibility."

Dr. Jacqueline Williams, Dean of Commerce M.Com., MBA(HR), B.Ed., M.Phil., Ph.D

Dr. Jacqueline has 27 years of work experience and has been with Loyola since 2015. After taking into consideration her contributions to Loyola, the management decided that she would fit the role of the Dean of Commerce perfectly. She is responsible for academic excellence in the Commerce Department and believes in creating value and executing the department activities.

Teaching is her passion.Dr. Jacqueline Williams has always excelled in all spheres of life. She has earned her Doctoral Degree in Commerce from Osmania University. She is dedicated to her role here and also takes on additional responsibilities such as being part of the Women's Cell at Loyola. She has a strong interest in promoting undergraduate research as an important means of enhancing student learning and engagement. She takes time out from her busy schedule to catch up on her reading and likes to relax with writing academic books and articles for journals.

Mr. B. Bhaskara Rao

| Dean of Arts
"An arts education helps build academic skills and enhance academic performance, while also providing alternative career opportunities."

Mr. B. Bhaskara Rao, Dean of Arts B.F.A., M.F.A

Mr. Bhaskara Rao completed his M. F. A from University of Hyderabad in the year 2006. After gaining industry experience for 6 years, he joined Loyola in 2008. Bhaskara Rao leads from the front and this is evident in the award he won at Pottisreeramulu Telugu University for a painting.

As the Dean of Arts he is responsible not only for academic excellence but also for skill development of his students and designing a career based curriculum for the arts department. Bhaskara Rao is a painting enthusiast and has displayed his work in major art exhibitions. He also reads and listens to music whenever he can find the time.

Mrs. Grace Sarojini Israel

| Dean of Student Affairs
"The purpose of a college should not be to give answers but to enable students to find answers to questions they will face in life."

Mrs. Grace Sarojini Israel, Dean of Student affairs M.A., M.Phil.

Mrs. Grace Sarojini Israel has completed her M. A in Christian Studies from Sam Higginbottom Institute, Allahabad in the year 1991 and in the same year she also completed her M. Phil from JNTU. She has been working with Loyola since 2006, after giving 15 years to other institutions. She is solely responsible for all student development programs in Loyola.

Being the Dean of Student Affairs, Grace is an integral part of all co-curricular activities and cultural events at Loyola. Grace is actively involved in various projects to uplift the underprivileged. Her husband is in the Intelligence Department. Her son is pursuing Engineering and her daughter is in Intermediate.

Mr. P V R S Prasad

| Dean of Developmental Affairs
"Updating infrastructure is a continues process. Our dedicated team of experts ensures that Loyola has the latest technology."

Mr. P.V.R.S Prasad, Dean of Developmental Affairs B.E. Chemical Technology

Mr. Prasad joined Loyola in 1995 after a vast industry experience. Although he is the Dean of Developmental Affairs, he teaches students at the Chemical Technology Department. His responsibilities as the Dean of Developmental Affairs include constant updating of infrastructure at par with industry standards and introducing new & relevant teaching technologies.

His obsession with the availability of technology for students has led to Loyola having the best infrastructure in the state.
Besides his role as the Dean of Developmental Affairs, Prasad is also a member of the college cricket team. He is an ardent sports fan and follows all sporting competitions with avid interest.

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