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Experts in their fields. Impeccable at imparting that expertise.


"Ultimately, what makes our teachers the best is their attention to each individual student."

- Mr. P.V.R.S Prasad, IQAC Coordinator

Faculty Profile

| What it takes to be a Loyola teacher
The people who teach at Loyola are extraordinary individuals who love what they do - enabling young men and women to master new concepts and emerge as confident professionals in their chosen domains. The pedagogy at Loyola is characterised by 4 features:
  • 01 Competence

    Our staff are highly qualified at what they teach

  • 02 Passion

    They love to teach, and always have

  • 03 Patience

    They teach the slowest graspers, not the quickest

  • 04 Responsibility

    They take it upon themselves to nurture students

The single-most important thing that characterizes a faculty member at Loyola is the complete ownership of their students. We consider ourselves enablers in our wards’ learning and feel responsible for their futures.

Featured Faculty

| Just a few of Loyola's stellar teachers
Each faculty member of Loyola brings their own distinct achievements to the college and that makes the Loyola experience that much richer. Here are glimpses of a few of our women and men.



    Geetha teaches computer science
    "We never have to make do with equipment at Loyola. Everything is state-of-the-art." Geetha has 11 years of experience and has been with Loyola for the past 7 years. She encourages students to participate in extra-curricular activities as it is important for all-round development.

    Lalitha teaches Chemical Engineering
    "At Loyola, it's a two-way street for me - I learn as much as I teach each day." An M.Tech. in chemical plant engineering, Lalitha has been with the College since 1988. Lalitha has had many options through her career but chose to teach at Loyola.

    Shanti teaches Agricultural Science
    "Teaching at Loyola gives a thrill like no other - it barely feels like work." A Ph.D from JNTU, Shanthi has been with Loyola for the past 18 years. Shanthi says that teaching at Loyola gives her a sense of thrill like no other.
  • P. S. R. MALATHI

    Ms. Malathi teaches Computer Engineering
    "Expertise is as much understanding as knowledge. We take care of both." Ms. Malathi holds a M.Tech. degree. She has been with Loyola since 2004.

    V. Harsha Shastri teaches Computer Science.
    "Our students are given opportunities to showcase their talent outside class." Mr. V. Harsha Shastri has an analytical bent of mind and is passionate about programming and love to interact with children
  • Kavitha teaches Chemistry
    "Being at Loyola is more than just a job. You are part of a great team." N. Kavitha, an M.Sc in Inorganic Chemistry, has been with Loyola since the last eleven years. She has been teaching for 16 years.

    L Parimala teaches Analog & Digital electronics
    "At Loyola, we induce hope and create interest among students to learn the subjects. We play the role of an augmenter and always help the Students to achieve their goals." A M.Sc. in Electronics, Parimala has been started her carrier in Electronics teaching in 1993. She started teaching at Loyola, Hyderabad in 2010.

    "We at Loyola understand that teaching is a fine blend of art and science." He says that the more he teaches, the more he learns. He teaches his subject and learns more about teaching.

    Sravanthi teaches Food Technology
    "Teaching is changing fast. It is now a more hands-on approach." Having completed her post graduation in food technology, Sravanthi decided to teach. She believes how we teach is far more important than what we teach.

    Phebi teaches Business Administration
    "Teaching at Loyola has been the greatest learning opportunity I have got." Phebi, an MBA graduate, has been with Loyola since the past 3 years. She says that it is great to be part of an organization which imparts both knowledge and values.

    Praveena teaches Accounting & Financial Management
    "Loyola gives my department as much autonomy as is possible and we prosper." Praveena chose to work at Loyola after her M.Com. She likes the way Loyola functions, giving teachers the independence to try new and innovative methods of imparting knowledge.

    Jacintha teaches Commerce
    "The culture of an institution defines its students' future. Loyola excels." Jacintha chose to teach at Loyola after her M.Com. She has been at Loyola for the past 17 years. She believes that Loyola moulds its students into ideal citizens by imparting knowledge and values.

    Dr. Sindhu teaches Marketing Management
    "Innovation is the lifeblood of growth. I am happy to say that I raise these innovators." With a specialization in Personnel Management and Marketing Management, Dr.Sindhu has been with the College since 2007.

    Mydhili teaches Chemistry
    "Teaching goes beyond the classroom. We enable our students to face life." Mydhili has been with Loyola for 4 years. She has a Ph.D from JNTU and wants Loyola to be one of the top ranking colleges in India. We are not very far from that goal, she says.

    Sirisha teaches Biotechnology
    "We provide our students with the best and they exceed our wildest expectations." Sirisha has been teaching at Loyola for the past 7 years. She completed her Ph.D in 2004 and has plenty of time on her hands for her students.

    Ravinder teaches Food Technology
    "I am a lifelong learner. The eagerness our students show is humbling." Ravinder has been with Loyola for the past 10 years. He says that he is proud to be teaching at Loyola. Students here are always eager to learn more.
  • Srivatsa teaches Commerce
    "Technology has given us tools to impart knowledge in an effective manner." Srivatsa has 15 years of experience in the publishing industry and was pleasantly surprised when he found that equipment at Loyola was at par with that of the leading publication houses.

    Suja teaches commerce
    "The quality of education at Loyola is at par with global standards." Suja has completed her M. Com and has been teaching at Loyola for the past 5 years. She is glad that Loyola has kept pace with the ever-changing global scenario.

    Sritama Maitra teaches English
    "The best part of teaching is regenerating oneself constantly as the inspirer as well as the inspired. Loyola provides ample scope for such renewal." Sritama Maitra has completed her M.A. English and she motivates and mentors students.

    Bhaskara Rao teaches Animation & Design
    "Loyola has bridged the gap between industry expectations and curriculum." Bhaskara Rao has been with Loyola for the past 7 years and is impressed with the curriculum that Loyola has created to surpass industry expectations.

    Vijayalakshmi teaches Mathematics
    "We develop great equations with students. This rapport is priceless." Vijayalakshami has 23 years of teaching experience, 14 of which are with Loyola. She loves the personal interactions with students and the informal atmosphere at Loyola.

    M.Com., M.Phil., M.A., Jour & PR
    ""It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge"" Mr Anil Kumar has a teaching experience of over 14 years and has been with Loyola for past 3 years. He likes to enlighten the minds of the students and has a vision to prepare the students to survive in today’s competitive world of Accounting.

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