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What we want to achieve, and how we plan to get there


"Some things do not change, and the reason for Loyola is one of them. We are still driven by the same mission and sense of purpose as on the day when we started - give selflessly and shape great individuals."

- Rev. Fr. Raju Soosaimanickam SJ -Rector

Our Vision

| What we want to get
The vision of Jesuit education is to form:
  • 01
    Leaders in Service following the example of Jesus Christ
  • 02
    Men and Women of Competence, Conscience and Compassionate Commitment,
    • - Who will love tenderly, act justly and walk humbly before God and
    • - Who will become men and women for others to love and serve God, Country and Humankind

That is the future that we envisage.

Our Mission

| What we want to do
The above-mentioned vision is realized by Loyola Academy:
  • 01
    By inculcating in every student
    • - The Sense of the Divine
    • - Reverence of the Sacred
    • - Respect for Human Life
    • - Care for Mother Earth
    • - Compassion for the Poor and
    • - Concern for Justice
  • 02
    And by providing a Christian milieu irrespective of caste and creed, language and region to all deserving students,
    • - particularly to the socially and economically marginalized
    • - giving special attention to those belonging to the Catholic Christian Community

That is the future that we envisage.

Our Objectives

| How we aim to do it
We fulfill this Vision-Mission:
  • 01
    Through a more integrated formation in academics and spirituality, as well as through value-based training and social commitment.
  • 02
    By creating an ambience for Ignatian Pedagogy Paradigm, namely "Learning, Experience,Reflection and Action", and
  • 03
    By implementing the following:
    • - Developing students' knowledge as well as skills
    • - Guiding them to grow in wisdom and harmony
    • - Nurturing in them a deep sense of right values
    • - Directing them in fostering healthy relationships
    • - Celebrating with them diverse forms of faiths and culture
    • - Helping them to develop as holistic persons and
For and through all this, we seek God's help.

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