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The list of departments at the Loyola Academy UG & PG College.


"An important objective of the college is to accord departments autonomy to a degree that makes them independent colleges for all practical purposes. We have largely succeeded in that."

- Fr J. Thainese SJ Correspondent of the College

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| A complete list of departments
Departments in the Loyola Academy UG & PG College are the units that administer the college's academic courses, and are organized by subject. Here is a list of 23 of those departments:
  1. Handles courses in Physical Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, and Mathematics.

  2. Handles courses in agricultural sciences, rural development, and food processing.

  3. Handles courses in computer hardware, software, and networking.

  4. Handles courses in business accounting, finance, and taxation.

  5. Handles courses in electronics and communications.

  6. Handles courses in computer software and hardware for specific job-related ends.

  7. Handles courses in advertising, sales promotion, & sales management.

  8. Handles courses in bio-chemistry, genetics, and bio-technology.

  9. Handles courses in commerce, management and marketing.

  10. Handles courses in journalism, communications and creative writing.

  11. Handles courses in food chemistry, processing and management.

  12. Handles courses in Psychology, English & Languages, and Journalism.

  13. Handles courses in maths, statistics and computer science.

  14. Handles courses in animation, graphic design and web design.

  15. Handles courses in finance, management and computer science.

  16. Handles courses in finance, management, and information technology.

  17. 17 Department of International Accounting & Finance

    Enables students to have good fundamental knowledge of Accounting, Taxation, Law, Financial Reporting, Risk Management, Corporate Governance, Business Ethics, Management Accounting, Auditing, Cost Accounting and Finance.

  18. 18 Department of Data Science & Analytics Engineering

    This course integrated with latest technologies like ERP, BI to deal with Big Data sets using Data Science and Data Analytics Engineering to help Decision-making easy in big business and industries.

  19. Handles courses in information technology, mathematics, and problem solving.

  20. Handles courses in finance, management, and information technology.

  21. Handles courses in theoretical and practical organic chemistry.

  22. 22 Department of Biotechnology (MSC BT)

    Handles courses in theoretical and practical Biotechnology.

  23. 23 Department of Food Technology & Management (MSC FT)

    Handles courses in theoretical and practical Food Technology.

Each department is backed by the colleges world-class academic infrastructure and has its own administrative system.

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