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Life at Loyola is much beyond academics - our students grow every day, and love it all.


"At Loyola, sport is as much about camaraderie as it is about competition. You cheer just as energetically even if you did not make the team."

- Akhil Bhaneshwar, B.A.Mass Comm Class of 2017


| Loyola outside the classroom
Student life at Loyola is a mixture of great friendships built in recesses and playgrounds (and sometimes during lectures, too!), and of addicitive co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. Non-classroom activities on campus include a variety of voluntary options, in various genres:
  • 01
    Student clubs and cells
  • 02
    NCC, NSS and social outreach activities
  • 03
    Literary, cultural and technology activities / competitions
  • 04

While students organize all events themselves, the college actively promotes these activities, and incentivizes participation.

Student Login - Clubs / Cells

| A list of all student clubs at Loyola
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    1. Clubs / Cells
      Loyola has multiple clubs and cells that are aimed at converting the interests of its students into well-honed skills, while also being sources of great fun and bonding. Here is a full list of current student groups:
      1. 01 Dance Club

        Dance is a passion like no other and even if you haven't got a flexible bone in your body, there's no better stress buster.

      2. 02 Dramatics Club

        If you've got the flair for drama and revel in expressing yourself, this is your nirvana.

      3. 03 Literary Club

        Do you come alive at the tip of a pen? You could be the next literary sensation, with a little help from well-wishers at Loyola.

      4. 04 Music Club

        If rhythm and tunes are a language you're fluent in, this is where your musical journey can begin.

      5. 05 Drawing And Painting Club

        If Picasso, Verde, and Van Gogh are the greats you idolize, and paint and brush your best mates, this is your safe haven.

      6. 06 Elocution Club

        We believe in holding the head high and ridding the mind of fear so that thoughts come unbidden and true.

      7. 07 Debate Club

        There's no argument that a healthy argument is the best way to weigh the pros and cons of any issue. We completely agree.

      8. 08 GK Club

        Our world is ever-changing. Here's an easy way to keep ourselves abreast with all that is happening.

      9. 09 Film Club

        You love watching movies, we make them. Want to know how? We'll be glad to show you.

      10. 10 Photography Club

        Nothing sounds better than the shutter open and close. If you have a keen eye, a steady hand, and patience, join us.

      11. 10 Photography Club

        Nothing sounds better than the shutter open and close. If you have a keen eye, a steady hand, and patience, join us.

      Students have the liberty to propose new clubs, cells and groups.

Social Outreach

| Student initiatives to better society
Loyola puts high emphasis on its students contributing willingly to the society around them, and encourages all initiatives and activities to that end. These are the various current outreach activities on campus:
  1. 01 NSS

    The National Service Scheme chapter at Loyola encourages students to give back to the country in a manner that simultaneously helps their own personality development.

  2. 02 NCC

    Our NCC wing helps develop leadership qualities amongst students. Our NCC cadets serve as future leaders of the nation and are prepared to serve during emergencies.

  3. 03 Planet Program

    Our students and staff conduct various drives under the Planet Program. The drives are intended to raise awareness about cleanliness & hygiene, blood donation, helping the poor, and many other noble causes.

  4. 04 Other Activities

    Anti Drug Addiction Rally

While these are institutionalized activities, Loyola's students engage in several impromptu campaigns, missions and initiatives to support people and causes that need help.


| Literary, cultural and technical events
The Loyola campus has always been a hotbed of artistic, and increasingly, technological pursuits. Our students live in an atmosphere that recognizes and nurtures artistic capability, and glamourises achievement.Top events on our campus:
  1. 01 Resonance

    Resonance, the annual Loyola student cultural festival, gets an enthusiastic response from its students for its raft of competitions, cultural activities, professional shows and more. It is one of the city's top college festivals.

  2. 02 Lab X

    Loyola's annual technical event, Lab X Genemics, attracts participants from every corner of the campus. This event has competitions like power-point & poster presentations, debate, treasure hunt, cultural displays of talent etc.

  3. 03 Lenzcape

    Every year the students of the Mass Communication department conduct a photography competition and exhibition. This event attracts the most talented photographers from the city and is presided by eminent photographers from across the globe.

While these are the big, scheduled events, several impromptu events are on round the year. Prizes won at Loyola are deemed by the industry as the gold standard.


| Teachers and mentors
Each faculty has the responsibility to mentor a group of students. The students are coached not only on academic activities but also on extra curricular activities.Every student undergoes this program with outstanding results.

The mentor guides the student about personal growth, goals, spiritual guidance and academic excellence. Here are some features of the mentoring program:
  1. 01 Personal Goals & growth

    The faculty helps the student identify his or her personal goal and motivates the student to grow by participating in cultural, sports and extra curricular activities.

  2. 02 Coaching progress

    The mentor tracks the students progress on a regular basis. The progress is shared with the student which encourages them to do even better.

  3. 03 Feedback process

    The Academy adopts a 360 degree feedback progress wherein the student also provides feedback on the faculty. It is a win win situation for everybody.

Loyola's mentoring program is at par with the latest corporate standards and the faculty are well trained and experienced.

Student Leaders

| Loyola students drive campus life
Each year, based on several factors, the Loyola Academy managing committee appoints student leaders who plan and execute most of the campus co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. The current student body:

  • Polisetty Akhil Bhaneswar

    Head Boy
    B.A. Mass Comm, Class of 2016


    Head Girl
    B. Com (Computers), Class of 2016

  • S.K. Mary Rose

    Head Girl (PG)
    MBA , Class of 2016

    Vijay Sunder Shiva

    Cultural Secretary
    B. Sc (Multimedia & Animation), Class of 2016

  • Shiny Paul

    Cultural Secretary
    B. Com (Computers), Class of 2016

    Raj Kiran

    Cultural Secretary (PG)
    MCA, Class of 2016

  • Pranay Mark Aloysius

    Fine Arts Secretary
    B. Com (Hons), Class of 2016

    Anna Mary Roy Mellow

    Fine Arts Secretary
    B. Com (Computers), Class of 2016

  • P.R. Ashwitha Reddy

    Fine Arts Secretary (PG)
    M.Sc (Food Teach.), Class of 2016

    Vikas Kumar Singh

    Literary Secretary
    BBA, Class of 2016

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